Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2012

Designing a Culture of Collaboration at Lake Nona Medical City

by Amy C. Edmondson, Sydney Ribot and Tiona Zuzul


Describes Lake Nona, a 7,000-acre residential and research cluster in central Florida, and its process and innovation culture, and Lake Nona Institute, the organization behind the planning and governance of this new eco-friendly community. Emphasis is placed on the institutional collaboration and governance decisions behind Lake Nona's "Medical City" component. Five years after development began, the site boasts a research cluster that has succeeded in attracting scientific talent and residential interest, and has put in place a collaborative governance structure intended to encourage innovation, trust-building, and communication. When the Institute's president is asked to decide who the next tenant in Medical City should be, he considers what kind of process would allow them to best grow going forward. Focuses on 1) the nature of collaboration in the development of new ventures, 2) the managerial challenges of mediation between hierarchical organization processes and consensus-driven structure, and 3) the product development process of a developer in a nascent industry.

Keywords: collaboration; innovation; governance; health care; real estate; entrepreneurship; Collaborative Innovation and Invention; Governance; Real Estate Industry; Florida;


Edmondson, Amy C., Sydney Ribot, and Tiona Zuzul. "Designing a Culture of Collaboration at Lake Nona Medical City." Harvard Business School Case 613-022, October 2012.