Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2012

The World Bank in 2012: Choosing a Leader

by Lakshmi Iyer and Ian McKown Cornell


In 2012, the World Bank faced important questions in terms of its future strategy and mission. Should the Bank continue to focus on micro-level development initiatives, such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), or return to traditional macro-level financial support? Was the Bank's role as a source of funds for developing countries still relevant? Should emerging market nations be given a greater role in the governance structure? Most importantly, was Jim Yong Kim, a US national, the right choice to lead the Bank, in preference to highly qualified candidates from developing nations?

Keywords: economic development; Millennium Development Goals; World Bank; international institutions; leadership; foreign direct investment; Leadership; Development Economics; Emerging Markets; Foreign Direct Investment; Financial Services Industry; Public Administration Industry;


Iyer, Lakshmi, and Ian McKown Cornell. "The World Bank in 2012: Choosing a Leader." Harvard Business School Case 713-013, November 2012.