Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2012 (Revised December 2012)

Doing Business in Brazil

by Aldo Musacchio, Gustavo A. Herrero, Ricardo Reisen de Pinho and Cintra Scott


This case deals with a decision that must be made by a U.S. private equity firm of whether to enter Brazil, one of the most attractive rising countries in the world, pondering the risks and opportunities that characterize it.

Keywords: emerging market finance; emergent countries; strategy; business history; Economic History; Emerging Markets; Business Ventures; Strategy; Brazil;


Musacchio, Aldo, Gustavo A. Herrero, Ricardo Reisen de Pinho, and Cintra Scott. "Doing Business in Brazil." Harvard Business School Case 713-426, September 2012. (Revised December 2012.)