Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | October 2012 (Revised February 2014)

Logoplaste: Global Growing Challenges (TN)

by Juan Alcacer


The case follows Logoplaste in its transformation from a small player in the plastic container industry in Portugal to a mid-sized global firm with operations in 11 countries. The case summarizes Logoplaste's history, with an emphasis on the milestones of its global expansion, and explains its unique business model. Logoplaste allows intstructors to: explore how deepening strategies create value globally and justify global expansion, evaluate the pros and cons of a specific deepening strategy, illustrate how a firm can differentiate its products & evaluate the pros and cons of different growth strategies in a global context.

Keywords: R&D; innovation; strategy; competitive advantage; global strategy; operations strategy; Global Strategy; Competition; Operations; Strategy; Manufacturing Industry;


Alcacer, Juan. "Logoplaste: Global Growing Challenges (TN)." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 713-446, October 2012. (Revised February 2014.)