Supplement | HBS Case Collection | September 2012

Industrial Metrology: Getting In-Line? (B)

by Willy Shih


Rainer Ohnheiser, the President of Carl Zeiss's Business Group Industrial Metrology (IMT), was focused on the threat that in-line metrology posed to Carl Zeiss IMT's core business. Historically, coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) that employed tactile measurement had fueled great market success for the division, but alternative non-contact measurement methods that employed optical or x-ray technologies were rapidly gaining ground in the market. This case follows the progress that the IMT division has made since the (A) case, and examines the challenges that lie ahead.

Keywords: performance trajectories; emerging technologies; manufacturing tools; Carl Zeiss; Go-to-market strategy; Disruptive Innovation; Technological Innovation; Production; Performance Improvement; Measurement and Metrics; Manufacturing Industry; Germany;


Shih, Willy. "Industrial Metrology: Getting In-Line? (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 613-041, September 2012.