Supplement | HBS Case Collection | August 2012

William Jeffrey: Departing Bay Colony (C)

by Lena G. Goldberg


The decision-making process, policies and procedures, and legal obligations of the Board, the company's inside counsel and the company's outside counsel are explored in connection with on-boarding, investigating alleged misconduct of, and terminating a company's CEO, and the impact of specific contractual obligations is considered. The A case details the on-boarding process and critical terms in the CEO's employment agreement. The B case considers the first investigation of the CEO's alleged misconduct. The C case details the CEO's termination.

Keywords: leadership and managing people; employment law; corporate governance; Governing and Advisory Boards; Resignation and Termination; Governance Compliance; Leadership; Insurance Industry; Financial Services Industry; United States;


Goldberg, Lena G. "William Jeffrey: Departing Bay Colony (C)." Harvard Business School Supplement 313-047, August 2012.