Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2012 (Revised June 2016)

Elia Nuqul and the Making of a Middle Eastern Business Group (A)

by Geoffrey Jones and Lana Ghanem


The case is concerned with Elia Nuqul, the founder of Jordanian-based Nuqul Brothers, a large diversified business group. It shows how Nuqul, a Christian Palestinian whose family was forced to flee to Jordan after the creation of Israel in 1948, built a business in his new home, first in trading and later in consumer products such as hygienic paper mnaufacturing. The case shows the challenges of building such an entrepreneurial business in a developing region with high political instability. The case is positioned within the wider context of the regional conflict in Palestine and Israel, and it provides a vehicle for exploring the role and responsibility of entrepreneurs, if any, in such conflicts.

Keywords: business history; Middle East; entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship; Globalization; History; Government and Politics; Consumer Products Industry; Middle East;


Jones, Geoffrey, and Lana Ghanem. "Elia Nuqul and the Making of a Middle Eastern Business Group (A)." Harvard Business School Case 813-052, August 2012. (Revised June 2016.)