Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2012 (Revised September 2012)


by Diego Comin, Rohan Gopaldas and Diego Rehder


The case presents the unique business model of Inkaterra, a leading eco-tourism organization in Peru, and the different strategies the company can pursue to grow. Through the experience of Inkaterra the case studies two general issues. First, it discusses the potential barriers that exist for the development of the tourism sector. Second, it presents the debate of whether governments may want to use tourism as an engine of growth, and if so, what is the best strategy to preserve the environment.

Keywords: Inkaterra; ecotourism; tourism; environment; Peru; informal sector; regulation; economic development; bottom of the pyramid; technology diffusion; competitiveness; Business Model; Growth and Development Strategy; Natural Environment; Market Entry and Exit; Conflict Management; Tourism Industry; Peru;


Comin, Diego, Rohan Gopaldas, and Diego Rehder. "Inkaterra." Harvard Business School Case 713-022, September 2012. (Revised September 2012.)