Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2012 (Revised November 2012)


by Ray A. Goldberg and Matthew Preble


As Mayo Schmidt's tenure as CEO of the Canadian-based agribusiness Viterra wound down before its sale to the Swiss-based commodity company Glencore, he reflected on his tenure, which had seen the firm grow from a Canadian-focused agricultural cooperative to an international agribusiness with operations across the globe, including significant operations in Australia. Now he wondered: What would the future hold for agriculture?

Keywords: change management; vision; strategy and execution; growth strategy; organizational change and transformation; international business; Agribusiness; farm cooperatives; Agribusiness; Leading Change; Growth and Development Strategy; Market Entry and Exit; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Canada; Australia; Asia; North America; Europe;


Goldberg, Ray A., and Matthew Preble. "Viterra." Harvard Business School Case 913-401, August 2012. (Revised November 2012.)