Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2012

Bella Healthcare India

by Dorothy Leonard and Sunru Yong


Bella Healthcare India was originally established in Bangalore as a low-cost manufacturing facility for a U.S.-based cardiology equipment developer. Under country manager Joseph Cherian it evolved considerably, developing its own research and development capabilities. Strengthened by investment in technical training and a shift in culture and mindset, the India team developed and launched its first successful product in 2005 under the guidance of Cherian and American Jeremy Manning, the Bella India director of R&D. Their success led them to a joint product development venture with the parent company, but organizational, technical, and cultural issues resulted in its cancellation. After this disappointing failure, is Bella India ready to lead a new product development project? If so, is the new project proposed by Cherian the right one to recover with?

Keywords: india; productivity; organizational development; international business; R&D; cross-cultural relations; strategy; product development; medical equipment & devices; Joint Ventures; Medical Specialties; Research and Development; Product Development; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Strategy; Decision Choices and Conditions; Health Care and Treatment; Product Launch; Failure; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry; Bangalore;


Leonard, Dorothy, and Sunru Yong. "Bella Healthcare India." Harvard Business School Brief Case 124-440, April 2012.