Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2012

BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division

by Michael Beer and Rachel Shelton


Roger Cahill has spent less than a year as head of the Mobile Division of BoldFlash, a flash memory component maker. On the corporate level, BoldFlash has adapted to an evolving and difficult marketplace, but the Mobile Division is struggling. The four groups within the unit refuse to work together, and the unit recently failed to capitalize on an important new product opportunity. To address the problems, Cahill has made a number of organizational and personnel changes since taking the helm. Facing low morale and eroding margins, Cahill is under pressure to meet his next challenge—reforming the product development process in an effort to save the Division.

Keywords: United States; Massachusetts; organizational design; business processes; change management; morale; leadership; human resource management; product development; technology; Leadership; Opportunities; Organizational Design; Conflict and Resolution; Product Development; Change Management; Hardware; Business Processes; Manufacturing Industry; Electronics Industry; Massachusetts;


Beer, Michael, and Rachel Shelton. "BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division." Harvard Business School Brief Case 124-438, May 2012.