Supplement | HBS Case Collection | July 2012 (Revised March 2013)

Shanghai Diligence Law Firm (B)

by Robert G. Eccles and Catherine Zhang


Shanghai Diligence Law Firm continued with its approach to grow through a merger, rather than organically, and was eventually merged into a bigger law firm in China. After the merger, a refined A-B-C-D model is still in use as compensation system, although the challenge remains as for how to enhance both willingness and capabilities of associates to improve team performance at the firm.

Keywords: professional service firms; compensation; law firms; motivating professionals; client management; developing professionals; entrepreneurship; China; Mergers and Acquisitions; Employee Relationship Management; Compensation and Benefits; Groups and Teams; Legal Services Industry; China;


Eccles, Robert G., and Catherine Zhang. "Shanghai Diligence Law Firm (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 413-027, July 2012. (Revised March 2013.)