Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2012 (Revised May 2013)


by Eugene Soltes and Sara Hess


Monocle, a magazine on global affairs, culture, and business, was founded by Tyler Brûlé to counter a perceived deterioration in the quality of print publications available at the newsstand. Monocle differentiates itself from other publications through its diverse international coverage and related newspaper, radio, and shop offerings. The case investigates the growth of Monocle and how the publication has developed its unique relationship with readers and advertisers.

Keywords: media and publishing; monocle; tyler brule; Media; Journals and Magazines; Media and Broadcasting Industry; Publishing Industry;


Soltes, Eugene, and Sara Hess. "Monocle." Harvard Business School Case 113-024, July 2012. (Revised May 2013.) (request a courtesy copy.)