Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2012 (Revised August 2013)

Lyric Dinner Theater (A)

by Richard G. Hamermesh and Jim Sharpe


Looking back at five years of losses, Rivka Belzer, a newly minted MBA, steps into her family owned business with their mandate to turn it around or close it. In her first six months, she has made a number of changes, with mixed results, but is beginning to show a profit. Many strategic, organizational, marketing, control, and operational decisions lie ahead as she plans for the next year and tries to manage a difficult board of directors in the challenging entertainment industry.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; entrepreneurs; entrepreneurial management; crisis management; family business; turnarounds; financial crisis; boards of directors; operations management; strategy implementation; career planning; Entrepreneurship; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; United States;


Hamermesh, Richard G., and Jim Sharpe. "Lyric Dinner Theater (A)." Harvard Business School Case 813-043, July 2012. (Revised August 2013.)