Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2012 (Revised April 2013)

Peter Jepsen

by Howard H. Stevenson, Michael J. Roberts and James M. Sharpe


About to break bank covenants, Peter Jepsen has to deal with a contentious prior owner, improve profitability and staff appropriately all while maintaining credibility with his investors, in the furniture hardware company he has owned for less than a year.

Keywords: Acquisitions; bankruptcy; crisis management; entrepreneurial management; entrepreneurial finance; entrepreneurship; financial crisis; turnarounds; financial distress; negotiation; entrepreneurs; bank loan; Search Funds; liquidation; boards of directors; ethics; Insolvency and Bankruptcy; Acquisition; Entrepreneurship; Manufacturing Industry; United States;


Stevenson, Howard H., Michael J. Roberts, and James M. Sharpe. "Peter Jepsen." Harvard Business School Case 813-046, July 2012. (Revised April 2013.)