Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2012 (Revised May 2013)

A.P. Møller - Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives

by Boris Groysberg and Sarah Abbott


In 2012, Bill Allen and Maria Pejter, of Maersk Group's Human Resources Department, sat down to consider some key aspects of Maersk's talent management strategy. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Maersk was a global conglomerate with large shipping and oil & gas businesses. Among the talent management issues being discussed: an increase in employee turnover, internal training and development programs, hiring experienced talent from outside the firm, rehiring former employees ("boomerangs"), and increasing employee diversity.

Keywords: organizational development; human resource management; talent management; organizational change and transformation; corporate culture; hiring; employee training; diversity; Strategy; Selection and Staffing; Talent and Talent Management; Training; Retention; Diversity; Denmark;


Groysberg, Boris, and Sarah Abbott. "A.P. Møller - Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives." Harvard Business School Case 412-147, June 2012. (Revised May 2013.)