Article | Harvard Business Review | July–August 2012

A Better Way to Tax U.S. Businesses

by Mihir Desai


The article argues that U.S. taxation reform should reduce corporate taxes, incorporate an awareness of the global marketplace, and generate revenue-neutral incentives for innovation. According to the article, a reduction in corporate tax rates would be offset by a tax on noncorporate business income and an expansion of taxable income. Topics include tax-avoidance techniques, globalization, repatriation taxes, corporate social responsibility, and U.S. workers. Graphs are included, which compare the U.S. tax rate with other countries.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact; Taxation; Globalization; Labor; Innovation and Invention; United States;


Desai, Mihir. "A Better Way to Tax U.S. Businesses." Harvard Business Review 90, nos. 7-8 (July–August 2012): 135–139.