Article | Harvard Business Review | July–August 2012

The Growth Opportunity That Lies Next Door

by G. Jones


This article uses the case of Natura, the largest Brazilian beauty company and one of the world's top twenty beauty companies, to explore how the logic of globalization is changing for corporations from emerging countries as growth opportunities in those countries outpace those in developed markets. For 30 years Natura attempted to move, with mixed results, into developed markets even as the opportunities of its region have grown stronger and stronger. Ultimately Natura has moved beyond stereotypes of globalization, recognizing that winning in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico can be an entry onto the world stage every bit as effective as conquering Paris or New York.

Keywords: Brazil; marketing; globalization; green marketing; environment; Globalization; Developing Countries and Economies; Geographic Location; Growth and Development Strategy; Beauty and Cosmetics Industry; Latin America; Europe;


Jones, G. "The Growth Opportunity That Lies Next Door." Harvard Business Review 90, nos. 7-8 (July–August 2012): 141–145.