Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2012 (Revised September 2012)

HTC Corp. in 2012

by David B. Yoffie, Juan Alcacer and Renee Kim


After 15 years of remarkable achievements, Taiwan-based HTC Corp. faced difficult times by 2012. CEO Peter Chou, who drove HTC's transformation from an unknown manufacturer of PDAs for other companies to a well-known global player in smartphones, faced an uncertain and complex environment. Apple's lead in the smartphone and tablet markets, the acquisition of Motorola by Google, the Microsoft-Nokia alliance, the rise of Samsung, and the extensive patent wars - each raised questions about how HTC could continue its upward trajectory. In a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive market, what would a sustainable differentiation strategy look like for HTC? How could HTC, a historically innovative company, compete in the tablet market? And how could it weather - and mitigate - the patent wars?

Keywords: corporate social responsibility; telecommunications; technological innovation; brand management; economies of scale and scope; market positioning; intellectual property management; Technological Innovation; Hardware; Competitive Strategy; Innovation and Invention; Patents; Product Positioning; Telecommunications Industry; Taiwan;


Yoffie, David B., Juan Alcacer, and Renee Kim. "HTC Corp. in 2012." Harvard Business School Case 712-423, May 2012. (Revised September 2012.)