Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2012

Quietly Brilliant: Transformational Change at HTC

by Michael L. Tushman and Kerry Herman


The case examines smartphone maker HTC's 2006 decision to become a branded company. The case focuses on the cultural and organizational shifts HTC underwent to successfully make the transition from an ODM, founded in 1997, to a leading branded manufacturer (7% market share of smartphones in 2010), with the adoption of the tagline: "Quietly Brilliant." Significant challenges considered in the case include: transitioning HTC from a Taiwanese to a global firm, developing and maintaining a functioning global structure, building a sales and marketing force, and finding the right cultural balance between eastern and western capabilities.

Keywords: Globalized Firms and Management; Organizational Structure; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Telecommunications Industry; Taiwan;


Tushman, Michael L., and Kerry Herman. "Quietly Brilliant: Transformational Change at HTC." Harvard Business School Case 412-070, May 2012.