Mimeo | 2012

Françafrique and Oil

by Noel Maurer


France's special relationship with its oil-producing former colonies has become entirely divorced from economic or strategic considerations. What drives the relationship, rather, are special interests: the French oil companies, the connections between African leaders and French politicians, and bureaucratic inertia. The recent scandals involving Elf-Aquitaine have greatly weakened what remains of the "special relationship" between France and its former colonies of Gabon and Congo; inasmuch as the three countries are still linked, oil is no longer particularly relevant.

Keywords: Relationships; Economics; Strategy; Natural Environment; Interests; Crime and Corruption; Energy Industry; France; Gabon; Congo, Republic of the;


Maurer, Noel. "Françafrique and Oil." 2012. Mimeo. (Workshop on Oil and Political Relations, Council on Foreign Relations.)