Article | Financial Analysts Journal | November – December 2011

Most Likely to Succeed: Leadership in the Industry

by Robert C. Pozen and Theresa Hamacher


What is the critical factor for success in the U.S. mutual fund industry? Is it top-ranked investment performance, innovative products, or pervasive distribution? In our view, it is none of these factors, despite their obvious importance. Instead, the best predictors of success in the U.S. fund business are the focus and organization of the fund sponsor. We believe that the most successful managers over the next decade will be organizations with two characteristics: dedication primarily to asset management and control by investment professionals.

Keywords: Leadership; Success; Investment Funds; Rank and Position; Performance; Investment; Innovation and Invention; Product; Distribution; Forecasting and Prediction; Asset Management; Governance Controls; United States;


Pozen, Robert C., and Theresa Hamacher. "Most Likely to Succeed: Leadership in the Industry." Financial Analysts Journal 67, no. 6 (November–December 2011).