Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2012

Meli Marine

by Richard G. Hamermesh and Sunru Yong


Meli Marine, a container shipping company, is facing an important strategic decision after an interesting acquisition opportunity presents itself. Founded in 1974 by the Chang Family, the Singapore-based company has carved out a niche in the intra-Asia transport market. After years of success, eroding business conditions caused a financial crisis and a new CEO, David Tian, was brought in. Tian created a successful strategic change effort that resulted in a more stable but slower-growth company. More than ten years later, Meli Marine has a rare and affordable opportunity to acquire the larger shipping vessels it needs to move into a global market. Tian and his board must decide to whether to expand the franchise into Asian-North American shipping lanes, as key competitors have done, or continue with its current conservative business model.


Hamermesh, Richard G., and Sunru Yong. "Meli Marine." Harvard Business School Brief Case 124-426, April 2012.