Article | Journal of Organizational Behavior | April 2012

The Changing Ecology of Teams: New Directions for Teams Research

by Ruth Wageman, Heidi K. Gardner and Mark Mortensen


The nature of collaboration has been changing at an accelerating pace, particularly in the last decade. Much of the published work in teams research, however, is still focused on the archetypal team that has well-defined membership, purposes, leadership, and standards of effectiveness—all characteristics that are being altered by changes in the larger context of collaboration. Each of these features is worth attention as a dynamic construct in its own right. This article explores what the teams research community has to gain by researching, theorizing, and understanding the many new forms of contemporary collaboration.

Keywords: Groups and Teams; Research; Change Management; Leadership; Standards; Performance Effectiveness; Theory; Civil Society or Community;


Wageman, Ruth, Heidi K. Gardner, and Mark Mortensen. "The Changing Ecology of Teams: New Directions for Teams Research." Journal of Organizational Behavior 33, no. 3 (April 2012): 301–315.