Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2009

Medisys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team

by Anne Donnellon and Joshua D. Margolis


Key topics include designing teams, managing teams, managing conflict, group dynamics, project management, product development, interdepartmental relations, and organizational change. MediSys, a U.S.-based medical equipment maker, has been developing IntensCare, a new medical system for monitoring intensive-care patients. MediSys has invested heavily in IntensCare, which is eagerly awaited by the market. The product development team, representing several functional areas of the company, has been working on the product for six months but is now running into significant problems with the product design, the schedule, and their own group dynamics. Recently, pressure increased when they learned that two more powerful competitors had begun work on their own products for this market. Several team members are concerned about meeting the team's targets. Struggling especially hard to overcome the various problems is the marketing manager who has profit-and-loss responsibility for IntensCare.

Keywords: leadership; project management; conflict management; Interdepartmental relations; product development; Organizational change; Leadership; Conflict Management; Interpersonal Communication; Groups and Teams; Product Design; Product Development; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Health Care and Treatment; Power and Influence; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry; United States;


Donnellon, Anne, and Joshua D. Margolis. "Medisys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team." Harvard Business School Brief Case 094-059, October 2009.