Article | Ou Mei yan jiu [EurAmerica] | December 2011

Globalization and Beauty: A Historical and Firm Perspective

by G. Jones


This paper uses the beauty industry to explore the impact of globalization over the very long run. As the first wave of modern globalization started in the nineteenth century, there began a massive homogenization of beauty ideals around the world that has, to some extent, continued until the present day. This had enormous societal and cultural consequences. Business enterprises were at the heart of this process. The paper explores how entrepreneurs and firms translated societal values into brands, globalized them, and changed societal perceptions of beauty as a result. It also shows the limitations of the homogenization achieved by firms even at its high point, before making the case that contemporary globalization is working to facilitate greater diversity in beauty ideals again.

Keywords: Globalization; Business Ventures; Trends; Societal Protocols; Value; Brands and Branding; Perception; Entrepreneurship; Beauty and Cosmetics Industry;


Jones, G. "Globalization and Beauty: A Historical and Firm Perspective." Ou Mei yan jiu [EurAmerica] 41, no. 4 (December 2011): 885–916.