Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2012

Kent Chemical: Organizing for International Growth

by Christopher A. Bartlett and Laura Winig


In July 2008, Luis Morales, president of Kent Chemical International, is proposing a third reorganization effort after two failed attempts to better align his business with its U.S.-based parent company. With a global expansion strategy placing increasing demands on his organization, a divide forming between Kent's core business and its growth markets, and a global recession looming, Morales knows this time his plan has no room for error.

Keywords: international business; organizational structure; organizational design; corporate strategy; Organizational change; multinational corporations; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Multinational Firms and Management; Organizational Design; Management Practices and Processes; Organizational Structure; Corporate Strategy; Organizational Culture; Global Strategy; Chemical Industry; United States;


Bartlett, Christopher A., and Laura Winig. "Kent Chemical: Organizing for International Growth." Harvard Business School Brief Case 124-409, February 2012.