Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2011 (Revised March 2012)

Cottle-Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India

by John A. Quelch and Alisa Zalosh


Brinda Patel, director of oral care products for the India division of a consumer home-care product company, develops a data-driven marketing plan for toothbrushes. She believes her plan can support a 20% increase in unit sales based on rising demand for modern oral-care products in India. Her boss, the VP of Marketing, believes her forecast is too conservative and suggests spending more money on promotions to boost sales by 30%. Patel must develop a new plan to meet this higher growth rate by increasing the advertising budget and revising the distribution of the budget across three targeted advertising messages. She must also consider the regional challenges within India between rural and urban consumers and their willingness to adopt a modern approach to dental care. Students must build a projected income statement and consider the effects of increasing the advertising budget and changing the product mix in favor of higher margin toothbrushes.

Keywords: Forecasting; Budgeting; emerging markets; international marketing; Product planning & policy; consumer behavior; Sales promotions; Marketing plans; Products; Marketing Strategy; Consumer Behavior; Emerging Markets; Forecasting and Prediction; Advertising; Product Launch; Budgets and Budgeting; Product Development; Consumer Products Industry; Health Industry; India;


Quelch, John A., and Alisa Zalosh. "Cottle-Taylor: Expanding the Oral Care Group in India." Harvard Business School Brief Case 114-350, October 2011. (Revised March 2012.)