Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2010

Monmouth, Inc.

by Thomas R. Piper and Heide Abelli


The management of Monmouth Inc. is considering whether to acquire the Robertson Tool Company and the value and form that the acquisition should take. Value can be assessed using a variety of approaches including a DCF with WACC analysis, impact on EPS and market multiples. The case also requires the student to consider how the offer should be designed and implemented.

Keywords: Competitive bidding; Forecasting; Stock offerings; Mergers & Acquisitions; valuation; Margins; Stocks; Valuation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Forecasting and Prediction; Bids and Bidding; Manufacturing Industry; Consumer Products Industry;


Piper, Thomas R., and Heide Abelli. "Monmouth, Inc." Harvard Business School Brief Case 104-226, July 2010.