Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2008

Harrington Collection: Sizing Up the Active-Wear Market

by Richard S. Tedlow and Heather Beckham


In the wake of slumping sales and sagging profit margins, a leading manufacturer and retailer of high-end women's apparel, Harrington Collection, must evaluate an opportunity to expand into the high-growth active-wear market. Sara Huey, Vice President of Strategic Planning, calls on two of her colleagues to help perform a comprehensive market evaluation. They must analyze the financial implications of the opportunity, assess trade and competitor reactions, consider the risks, and determine whether the Vigor division of the company will be able to successfully launch and manage the new product line.

Keywords: Breakeven analysis; consumer behavior; Product introduction; Expansion; Consumer Behavior; Supply and Industry; Product Launch; Apparel and Accessories Industry;


Tedlow, Richard S., and Heather Beckham. "Harrington Collection: Sizing Up the Active-Wear Market." Harvard Business School Brief Case 083-258, September 2008.