Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2012

Taikang Insurance: Standing Out In China's Crowded Insurance Market

by William C. Kirby and Tracy Yuen Manty


As a joint-stock insurance company in China, with both state-owned enterprises and foreign firms as investors, Taikang Insurance was becoming a force in the industry. It not only competed with well-entrenched state-owned rivals, but it was also seen as an entrepreneurial upstart. With the insurance landscape in China growing increasingly competitive, Taikang has had to be innovative and strategic in its ability to maintain its place as the fourth largest insurer in China. Chairman Chen Dongsheng laid a strong foundation when he launched Taikang in 2006; what will he do going forward to enable Taikang to continue to stand out in a crowded field?

Keywords: Insurance; Industry Structures; Insurance Industry; China;


Kirby, William C., and Tracy Yuen Manty. "Taikang Insurance: Standing Out In China's Crowded Insurance Market." Harvard Business School Case 312-109, January 2012.