Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2012 (Revised April 2015)

India 2014: The Challenges of Governance

by Lakshmi Iyer and Richard H. K. Vietor


In January 2012, the government of India faced significant challenges to achieving three key objectives of high growth, inclusive development, and improved governance. The economy was experiencing a growth slowdown, persistently high inflation, and infrastructure and energy deficits. Policy reforms were hampered by several recent corruption scandals, widespread citizen protests against corruption, and disagreements with coalition partners. Could India make the right decisions needed to lift hundreds of millions of citizens out of poverty?

Keywords: Governance; Government and Politics; Problems and Challenges; Economic Growth; India;


Iyer, Lakshmi, and Richard H. K. Vietor. "India 2014: The Challenges of Governance." Harvard Business School Case 712-038, January 2012. (Revised April 2015.)