Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2011 (Revised October 2014)

Attack of the Clones: Birchbox Defends Against Copycat Competitors

by Peter A. Coles and Benjamin Edelman


Birchbox offers trial-sized beauty products delivered monthly by mail—attracting rave reviews. Seeing the success of this model, numerous "copycat" clones seek to offer the same service. Many of these copycats focus on non-U.S. countries, but others are challenging Birchbox on its home territory. Can Birchbox defend its position? How?

Keywords: Competition; Competitive Strategy;


Coles, Peter A., and Benjamin Edelman. "Attack of the Clones: Birchbox Defends Against Copycat Competitors." Harvard Business School Case 912-010, November 2011. (Revised October 2014.) (request a courtesy copy.)