Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2011 (Revised August 2012)


by Ramana Nanda, William R. Kerr and Carin-Isabel Knoop


In their second year, two Mexican HBS MBAs joined forces to start a search fund based in Mexico City. They had raised money to acquire an existing private company in Mexico with an initial enterprise value between $5 million and $15 million. Just seven months after raising the fund, they were about to close a deal on a target company, but the seller wants to renegotiate.

Keywords: Business Exit or Shutdown; Corporate Entrepreneurship; Investment Funds; Corporate Finance; Mexico City;


Nanda, Ramana, William R. Kerr, and Carin-Isabel Knoop. "INNOVA-MEX's Bid for ENKONTROL." Harvard Business School Case 812-008, October 2011. (Revised August 2012.)