Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2011 (Revised October 2013)

Gracious Eloise: What Do Angels Want? (A)

by Lena G. Goldberg, Janet Kraus and Mary Beth Findlay


Eloise Bune successfully turned an idea into a product, but could she persuade angel investors that she had a business worth investing in? The case details her interactions with the angel investors and explores the role of angel investors in providing financial capital, business experience, and other assistance to start-ups.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship; Investment Return; Business Startups; Business Plan; Business and Stakeholder Relations; Business and Shareholder Relations;


Goldberg, Lena G., Janet Kraus, and Mary Beth Findlay. "Gracious Eloise: What Do Angels Want? (A)." Harvard Business School Case 312-054, October 2011. (Revised October 2013.)