Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2011 (Revised June 2014)

inge watertechnologies, GmbH

by Ramana Nanda, Carin-Isabel Knoop and Markus Mittermaier


Using the financing history and exit choices of a German clean-tech startup as a lens, this case explores the reasons why venture-backed entrepreneurship is much lower in Germany than the US, despite a robust SME sector and large-corporate innovation in Germany. It also shows the tight link between investor incentives and a startup's product market strategy, including differences between "pure-play" VCs and corporate venture capital investors.

Keywords: entrepreneurial finance; finance; negotiation; entrepreneurship; Venture Capital; Negotiation; Entrepreneurship; Technology Industry; Germany;


Nanda, Ramana, Carin-Isabel Knoop, and Markus Mittermaier. "inge watertechnologies, GmbH." Harvard Business School Case 812-002, October 2011. (Revised June 2014.)