Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2011 (Revised November 2011)

CP Group: Balancing the Needs of a Family Business with the Needs of a Family of Businesses

by William C. Kirby and Tracy Yuen Manty


As a second generation business leader, Chairman Dhanin Chearavanont took over the family agribusiness company and built it to become a major diversified conglomerate in Thailand and expanded the business in SE Asia and China. While growing the business, he and his brothers created a holding company to both maintain and separate the interests of the family with the growing business units. As a third and possibly fourth generation of Chearavanonts enter the company, how has Chairman Dhanin created a business culture that maintains the closeness of a family business with the strategic vision, innovations, and transparency of a professionally run company -- especially given the fact that many business units are public companies? This case seeks to outline the balance of a family business with the needs of a growing and competitive international conglomerate.

Keywords: Agribusiness; Plant-Based Agribusiness; Family Business; Business Growth and Maturation; Business Conglomerates; Family Ownership; Growth and Development; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Thailand; China; Southeast Asia;


Kirby, William C., and Tracy Yuen Manty. "CP Group: Balancing the Needs of a Family Business with the Needs of a Family of Businesses." Harvard Business School Case 312-059, September 2011. (Revised November 2011.)