Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2011 (Revised October 2014)

Ganesh Natarajan: Leading Innovation and Organizational Change at Zensar (A)

by Michael Tushman and David Kiron


In 2005, Ganesh Natarajan, CEO of Zensar, a Pune, India-based software company, and his senior management team are considering consolidating staff and resources at the firms. Natarajan proposes an additional, possible controversial business unit to the proposed new structure. The additional unit would explore new markets for the firm's promising innovation—Solution BluePrint (SBP). While he knew that some on his team would resist his proposal, he was eager to get the new technology into the field, and felt he had the right manager to lead the proposed group. Natarajan felt sure a group dedicated to SBP led by one of the firm's most respected technologists would help spur adoption.

Keywords: Change Management; Technological Innovation; Leading Change; Product Launch; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Organizational Structure; Information Technology Industry;


Tushman, Michael, and David Kiron. "Ganesh Natarajan: Leading Innovation and Organizational Change at Zensar (A)." Harvard Business School Case 412-036, September 2011. (Revised October 2014.)