Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2011 (Revised September 2013)

The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture

by Guhan Subramanian, James K. Sebenius, Phillip Andrews, Rhea Ghosh and Charlotte Krontiris


In 2007, the Dow Chemical Company and the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation announced plans to launch a multibillion-dollar joint venture. Later known as K-Dow Petrochemicals, it would be one of the largest manufacturers of chemicals and plastics in the world. Analysts widely hailed the planned joint venture as a game-changing deal for both companies. Shortly after the announcement, cable network CNBC requested an interview with Andrew Liveris, Dow's CEO, about this massive transaction. Liveris needed to decide how to respond. This case provides a brief background on the industry, both companies, and plans for the joint venture as of January 2008.

Keywords: Announcements; Joint Ventures; Chemical Industry; Kuwait; United States;


Subramanian, Guhan, James K. Sebenius, Phillip Andrews, Rhea Ghosh, and Charlotte Krontiris. "The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture." Harvard Business School Case 912-002, September 2011. (Revised September 2013.)