Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1992 (Revised October 1996)

CUC International, Inc. (A)

by Krishna G. Palepu and Paul M. Healy


The case series examines the role of financial reporting and corporate finance policies as vehicles for communication between managers and outside investors. This case describes management's concern that the company's stock is undervalued because analysts viewed the company's accounting as aggressive. Students are asked to advise CUC's management on ways to improve investor confidence.

Keywords: Financial Reporting; Stocks; Financial Management; Decisions; Economic Slowdown and Stagnation; Management Style; Management Practices and Processes; Business and Shareholder Relations; Value; Financial Services Industry;


Palepu, Krishna G., and Paul M. Healy. "CUC International, Inc. (A)." Harvard Business School Case 192-099, February 1992. (Revised October 1996.)