Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2011 (Revised September 2011)

CEO Compensation at GE: A Decade with Jeff Immelt

by V.G. Narayanan and Lisa Brem


When ISS, a large shareholder advisory group, recommended a "no" vote on Jeff Immelt's award of 2 million stock options in April 2011, GE's compensation committee had to decide whether to rescind or amend the award or ignore the ISS recommendation. Was Immelt's 2010 pay in line with his performance? How would shareholders vote on the advisory "say on pay" ballot question at GE's annual meeting in April?

Keywords: Budgets and Budgeting; Stock Options; Stock Shares; Annual Reports; Executive Compensation; Compensation and Benefits; Business and Shareholder Relations; Performance Evaluation; Corporate Governance; Corporate Accountability; Energy Industry; Financial Services Industry;


Narayanan, V.G., and Lisa Brem. "CEO Compensation at GE: A Decade with Jeff Immelt." Harvard Business School Case 112-003, July 2011. (Revised September 2011.)