Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2011 (Revised May 2012)

Nestlé SA: Nutrition, Health and Wellness Strategy

by Rebecca M. Henderson and Ryan Johnson


In 1997 Nestlé committed to a strategic vision of becoming the leading nutrition, health and wellness (NHW) company in the world. Over the next 13 years, the NHW strategy guided strategic decisions and choices at Nestlé including merger and acquisition choices, strategies for improving products, and packaging innovations that helped Nestlé built credibility with the consumer in NHW, raised profit margins, continued strong growth and differentiated the firm.

Keywords: Nutrition; Health; Growth and Development Strategy; Decision Choices and Conditions; Goals and Objectives; Value Creation; Food and Beverage Industry;


Henderson, Rebecca M., and Ryan Johnson. "Nestlé SA: Nutrition, Health and Wellness Strategy." Harvard Business School Case 311-119, June 2011. (Revised May 2012.)