Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2011 (Revised June 2011)

Calit2: A UC San Diego, UC Irvine Partnership

by Linda A. Hill and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld


Larry Smarr, the founding director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), reflects on the Institute's past 10 years of successes and challenges. In 2010, more than 700 university scientists, artists, engineers, and social scientists and over 300 non-university partners are associated with the Institute. Innovative and multi-disciplinary research projects are being carried out in diverse fields such as environmental monitoring, human/robotic communication, digital archaeology, nanotechnology, life sciences, information technology, and telecommunications. Calit2 was one of four new research initiatives created in 2000 in a partnership between the State of California, the University of California, and California industry in order to foster and drive entrepreneurial business growth and expand the California economy into new industries and markets. Calit2 was the result of a partnership between both the University of California, San Diego and University of California, Irvine. As Calit2's first decade comes to a close, Smarr considers the future of the Institute and, in particular, its leadership and sustainability.

Keywords: Success; Problems and Challenges; Innovation and Invention; Projects; Leadership; Innovation Leadership; Partners and Partnerships; Information Technology Industry; Telecommunications Industry; California;


Hill, Linda A., and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld. "Calit2: A UC San Diego, UC Irvine Partnership." Harvard Business School Case 411-105, June 2011. (Revised June 2011.)