Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2011 (Revised March 2013)

Marshall & Gordon: Designing an Effective Compensation System (A)

by Heidi K. Gardner and Kerry Herman


CEO Kelly Browne wrestles with the design of a new compensation system to promote the collaboration and cross-selling necessary for supporting her firm's new strategy. Marshall Gordon International, a global public relations (PR) firm, has recently expanded its service offering to include Executive Positioning, which requires significantly more teamwork, higher-level client interaction and more strategically-minded consultants than their traditional PR work. The CEO is pressured to find a compensation system that helps retain and motivate the firm's valued PR consultants, attract new talent, and get all professionals aligned behind the new strategy.

Keywords: Change Management; Customer Relationship Management; Compensation and Benefits; Retention; Growth and Development Strategy; Growth Management; Organizational Culture; Partners and Partnerships; Motivation and Incentives; Alignment; Public Relations Industry;


Gardner, Heidi K., and Kerry Herman. "Marshall & Gordon: Designing an Effective Compensation System (A)." Harvard Business School Case 411-038, May 2011. (Revised March 2013.)