Supplement | HBS Case Collection | April 2011 (Revised May 2011)

AQR's Momentum Funds (B)

by Daniel Baird Bergstresser, Lauren H. Cohen, Randolph B. Cohen and Christopher J. Malloy


This is a (B) case for AQR's Momentum Funds. It follows the first year of performance of the funds after launching, and gives students a critical inflection point for analyzing the nascent stages of a new product launch and the potential path dependence of the product depending on initial returns. It allows students to wrestle with the way forward given these conditions, and how (if at all) it changes their views, pitch, and perspective on the strategy, and traditional long-short strategies more generally.

Keywords: Change; Decision Choices and Conditions; Investment Funds; Product Launch; Product; Performance; Perspective; Strategy;


Bergstresser, Daniel Baird, Lauren H. Cohen, Randolph B. Cohen, and Christopher J. Malloy. "AQR's Momentum Funds (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 211-075, April 2011. (Revised May 2011.)