Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2011 (Revised September 2011)

BlackRock Solutions

by Kenneth A. Froot and Scott Waggoner


The BlackRock Solutions case examines the different functions and economics of a global asset manager's value chain, with particular emphasis on the "money management" and the "investment systems platform" businesses. Students analyze why BlackRock decided to unbundle its Aladdin investment platform and if the firm should consider expanding the platform in the future. Students also explore the resulting "dual-mission" challenges of servicing both internal and external Aladdin clients during a period of rapid growth within BlackRock and significant change in the global financial landscape.

Keywords: investment management; strategic vision; organizational behavior; economies of scale and scope; unbundling of services; Strategic Planning; Risk Management; Financial Management; Asset Management; Competitive Advantage; Value; Corporate Strategy; Organizational Culture; Investment; Financial Strategy;


Froot, Kenneth A., and Scott Waggoner. "BlackRock Solutions." Harvard Business School Case 211-082, April 2011. (Revised September 2011.)