Article | Harvard Business Review | May 2011

The Best Way to Name Your Product 2.0

by Marco Bertini, John Gourville and E. Ofek


Although there's ample research to guide marketers in naming new products, little of it has addressed follow-on offerings, even though these make up the bulk of new products in many industries. Companies have two basic strategies to choose from. They can stick with a name, often adding a sequential indicator (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3), or they can come up with an entirely new name (Nintendo's Wii). Three questions managers should consider when deciding whether brand-name continuation or brand-name change is the best way to go for their next-generation product.

Keywords: Research; Product Development; Managerial Roles; Brands and Branding;


Bertini, Marco, John Gourville, and E. Ofek. "The Best Way to Name Your Product 2.0." Harvard Business Review 89, no. 5 (May 2011).