Supplement | HBS Case Collection | March 2011 (Revised May 2011)

China Construction America (B): The Baha Mar Resort Deal


Why is a Chinese state-owned construction company building the largest mega-resort and casino in the Caribbean? This case examines the intricate deal-making by which CSCEC, China's leading global engineering and construction contractor, emerged as a key market player. Having beat out Harrah's and other contenders for a stake in the Baha Mar Project, CSCEC now also has an equity stake in the Bahamas' gaming and resort industry. The case explores the growing role of project financing by way of China's Export-Import Bank and its implications for business deal-making and the competitiveness of China's increasingly globalizing businesses.

Keywords: Project Finance; Competitive Strategy; Global Strategy; Financial Strategy; Construction Industry; Tourism Industry; China; Bahamas;


Abrami, Regina M., Malcolm Riddell, and Weiqi Zhang. "China Construction America (B): The Baha Mar Resort Deal." Harvard Business School Supplement 911-411, March 2011. (Revised May 2011.)