Module Note | February 2011

Business Cycles and the New Challenges of Globalization

by Diego A. Comin


Business Cycles and the New Challenges of Globalization is one of the core modules in Business Government and the International Economy (BGIE), a course for the required curriculum of the Harvard Business School. BGIE teaches the economic, political and historical context in which businesses operate. The readings and cases in this module have been selected to provide students with two sets of concepts: (i) a framework to understand business cycle fluctuations and how these are propagated both domestically and internationally; and (ii) an exploration of the new challenges of globalization that result from the growth in trade and international capital flows as well as from the ascent of China.

Keywords: Fluctuation; Business Cycles; Trade; Business Education; Curriculum and Courses; Capital; Cash Flow; Globalization; Problems and Challenges; China;


Comin, Diego A. "Business Cycles and the New Challenges of Globalization." Harvard Business School Module Note 711-064, February 2011.