Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2011 (Revised April 2012)

PepsiCo Peru Foods: More than Small Potatoes

by Rosabeth M. Kanter, Rakesh Khurana, Rajiv Lal and Matthew Bird


The regional head of supply chain for PepsiCo South America Foods and his team had worked for 10 years to realize their dream of creating an agricultural research center in Peru that could provide more productive and healthier varieties of potatoes for the Frito-Lay businesses not only in Peru but also throughout the tropical regions where much of its future growth would come. They were denied several times but kept the idea alive through other projects until conditions presented themselves, aligning their work with the company's "Performance with Purpose" growth strategy. But now that they had secured initial funding for the center, the hard work would begin. Was the project too long-term to succeed? How could they ensure success as the company faced shorter-term pressures?

Keywords: Food; Supply Chain; Planning; Growth and Development Strategy; Leading Change; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Peru;


Kanter, Rosabeth M., Rakesh Khurana, Rajiv Lal, and Matthew Bird. "PepsiCo Peru Foods: More than Small Potatoes." Harvard Business School Case 311-083, February 2011. (Revised April 2012.)